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Godzilla trailer will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I'm super excited!!! Yasssss!


Teen Wolf

That scene last night with Scott & Isaac sleeping in Scott's mom room omg...it was so adorable it was like Scott & Isaac are brothers now and I absolutely LOVE this dynamic. I hope we see more scenes at the house with Scott & Isaac!


Is The CW serious with the new castings for Vampire Diaries?!
The episode was incredible last night and the promo for next week has me hyped! OMG...I really hope Isaac, Danny, and Ethan will all be safe! Also...Boyd!! omg

Charice "Mama"

One of my favorite songs!

yassss Charice!!! Had to put this up. I need Charice to put out songs from her local album she's releasing soon XD! I can't wait until she does an album again for her worldwide audience though haha.


Teen Wolf Moonday!!!!

Good morning live journal and hello to Teen Wolf Monday!!! Today is the day the characters will head to the motel!!! I can't wait to see the interactions between Danny & Ethan throughout tonight's entire episode!!!
Another one of my favorite Toni Braxton songs. I'm sooooo happy Toni Braxton & Babyface will be collabrating on her new album this year like they did for her first album! I hope her duet album with Babyface will compare/be better than her self-titled album which is honestly one of the best albums/ R&B albums of all time!

This song is my Jam!!! Soooo happy to see Fantasia back and putting the R back in R&B!

Toni Braxton - You Mean The World To Me